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300 Blackout ammo for sale

300 Blackout ammo for sale

300 Blackout ammo for sale. Ballistic know-how combined with modern technology makes 300 Blackout ammo the go-to for seasoned shooters and marksmen. This center fire ammo, also referred to as 300 AAC Blackout, is best known for its superb performance and versatility. Thanks to its incredible accuracy, the 300 Blackout round is tried and true to be one of the most versatile loads on the market.

Great for target shooting, hunting, and tactical applications, 300 blk ammo is the high-performing low-recoil answer to bulky and cumbersome cartridges. Additionally, there’s also 300 Blackout subsonic for fans of suppressed fire. Comparing it to other rifle ammunition, 300 Blackout is a cross between popular military rounds like 5.56mm and 7.62mm.

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