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556 ammo can

Ammo can decals

Ammo can decals Magtech’s complete line of training ammunition is manufactured to meet the highest standards of our military and law enforcement customers.

Magtech ammunition prides themselves on being a world leader in engineering some of the best ammunition available in the    market today.

556 ammo can

These center fire rifle cartridges feature 147gr full metal jacket projectiles that will pound your target with a hard-hitting energy transfer. The muzzle energy of these rounds sits at about 2442 ft/lbs with a matching velocity of 2735 fps. These rounds lose velocity slowly which helps them maintain flatter trajectories down range.

The FMJ resists expansion and is highly accurate at long distances. Magtech uses Boxer-primed brass casings for these 7.62 NATO cartridges. The casings are new-production, non-corrosive, and reloadable. As one of the oldest manufacturer’s in the world, they have produced billions of rounds of ammunition in a variety of calibers, weights and styles.

Magtech First Defense Tactical 50 Round Box

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