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5.56×45 Ammo by PMC – 55gr FMJ


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PMC X-TAC ammunition in 5.56×45 NATO offers a mil-spec, affordable round for high-volume AR-15 shooters. Made to the same specifications as US military M193 ball ammo, these rounds are known for their accuracy, reliability, and cleanliness.

Each round in the 20-round box delivers a standard 55-grain projectile at about 3,270 feet per second. The boxer-primed brass cases are reloadable and sealed at the primer and case neck for maximum shelf life.

Note that this is 5.56 NATO ammunition, and may not be safe to fire in firearms chambered in .223 Remington. Check with your manufacturer if in doubt.

The PMC brand belongs to the Poongsan Corporation, a South Korean munitions company founded in 1968. A major supplier of ammunition to the South Korean military, Poongsan meets exacting standards for performance and reliability. The company achieves consistency in its ammunition through vertical integration, producing its own ammunition components and exercising quality control through the entire supply chain.

Thanks to excess production capacity, Poongsan makes significant quantities of mil-spec ammo available to American shooters under the PMC brand. PMC rifle and pistol ammunition has gained immense popularity in the US due to its strong performance and reasonable price point.


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