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Perfecta 380 ammo for sale

Perfecta 380 ammo for sale

Perfecta 380 ammo for sale. Perfecta 380 ACP Auto ammo is used for target and practice shooting. And features a lead core 95 Grain Full Metal Jacket bullet that is Non Magnetic.

Perfecta ammunition was developed by Fiocchi in Italy. With meticulously selected components. Assembled in a dedicated precision loading department to guarantee consistent high performance ammunition.

Perfecta ammo

The brass case, bullet, and non-corrosive primers are selected and balanced according to each powder lot. Ensuring each round is precisely crafted for the ultimate in accuracy and downrange performance. Fiocchi Ammunition is one of the largest ammunition manufactures in Europe. Delivering high quality small arms ammunition to the United States civilian market.

GUNSFORSALE  is a one stop shop for the entire line of Perfecta ammunition. With free shipping on all bulk Perfecta ammo.

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