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Perfecta 223 Remington Ammo 55 Grain FMJ for sale online. At cheap discount price with free shipping available on bulk ammo order only at our online store. Guns For Sale  has the entire line of Perfecta ammunition for sale including this 223 Remington 55 Grain FMJ bullet ammo.Perfecta 223 Remington 55 Grain FMJ ammo review offers the following information: Perfecta ammunition made by Fiocchi Ammo in Italy features brass casing ammo, non corrosive primer and reloadable cases. Perfecta ammo is brand new production ammo, not reloaded and features high quality components that will deliver consistency and reliability. Perfecta 223 Remington ammo is used for target and practice shooting and features a lead core 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket bullet that is Non-Magnetic, therefore save to use in indoor shooting ranges as well.

Perfecta ammunition was developed by Fiocchi in Italy with meticulously selected components assembled in a dedicated precision loading department to guarantee consistent high performance. The brass case, bullet and non-corrosive primers are selected and balanced according to each powder lot ensuring each round is precisely crafted for the ultimate accuracy and downrange performance.

High Quality inexpensive target ammo, Perfecta 223 Remington ammo is your perfect choice.

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Perfecta Ammo is made by Fiocchi Ammo in Italy.


MPN. PF223000.
UPC. 814950017045.
Manufacturer. PERFECTA AMMO.
Caliber. 223 REMINGTON/ 5.56MM AMMO.
Bullet Type. FMJ-Full Metal Jacket.
Muzzle Velocity. 3240 fps.
Muzzle Energy. 1280 ft. lbs.
Primer. Boxer.
Casing. Brass Case.
Ammo Rating. Target & Practice 223 Remington Ammo.

300 Rounds, 500 Rounds, 1000 Rounds


  1. Sébastien

    Good ammo will not work with my Springfield Range Officer, will work with my M&P, Sig Sauer P320.

  2. Kirian

    I’m always a little worried about getting a used gun without inspecting it firsthand, but the price had it for was great so I rolled the dice.

    I’m glad I did because what I got has been great!

  3. Yves

    Other than this ammo is EXTREMELY DIRTY! I run this ammo is my sti 2011 steel master and my sti 2011 h.o.s.t tactical 4.0

  4. samuel

    I bought these for the price + shipping they arrived on time and I took 400 rounds to the range without failure. Glock 17, CZ SP-01 and Ruger LCR all worked great, no jamming or misfires. I will buy again., Thank you

  5. Mahama

    I’ve shot this ammo through both my Dan Wesson Valor and my Springfield Range Officer with no problems. I’m here to buy another 1000 rounds.

  6. Oasis 64

    Good ammo! and the price is right! We should buy again! It’s very clean after you shoot like 100 rounds.

  7. Boucher

    This ammo is good will work with my M&P and Sig Sauer P320, but does not work in my Springfield Range Officer.

  8. Eduardo

  9. Oumar Bahar

    Good Ammo. I’ve had not problems shooting this brand.

  10. Randy

    I first bought this ammo for the price! I came back for the performance. I use the ammo in my Glock19, Springfield XD, M&P, and PPQ without fail.

  11. kuarzt

    1500+ rounds -zero issues
    Clean, smooth, reliable
    Will buy again

  12. kuarzt

    I’m around 900 rounds into this stuff and I’ve not had a single misfeed, eject, cycle, or magazine issue. It has been flawless and is fairly clean.

  13. Tk

    I’ve bought 4 cases of this ammo, to “practice” for competitive shooting. The ammo seems to run fine. Out of 4,000 rounds I haven’t had any issues.

  14. wilson

    Other than this ammo is EXTREMELY DIRTY! I run this ammo is my sti 2011 steel master and my sti 2011 h.o.s.t tactical 4.0.

  15. Jean-

    I’ve run this through my full size M&P, Shield and Glock 17 without a single issue and it’s as clean as any other range ammo I’ve used…time to buy another 1000 rounds.

  16. Alexandre M

    First is shipping I placed my order on Monday and by Wednesday it was at my doorstep all three times this was the outcome. OUTSTANDING!!!! Second is the price, can’t beat the price and the performance is excellent, no jams and hits the mark every time. What’s even better is if you wait they might reduce the bulk price and you can save even more, keep up the great work!

  17. Verdoux

    The ammo came as advertised and came quickly. I needed it for my class at Sig Sauer Academy in NH and it arrived a few days before class so that I was able to shoot 250 rounds there and 50 on my own at the range. Great groupings on target. No problems. Great buy! Thanks

  18. Christine

    almost done with my 2nd case of this stuff. LOVE IT! Real quality ammo. My SW MP9 2.0 loves it.

  19. vamos

    100 rounds in through my H&K vp9 and no issues. Shipping was pretty quick and the price was right.

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