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Alamo 15 trigger

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Alamo 15 Trigger | Alamo Trigger the Ultimate Precision Upgrade Meet the Alamo 15 Trigger a game-changing accessory designed to enhance your Alamo 15 rifle’s performance.

Alamo 15 Trigger

Alamo 15 trigger is a top-rated accessory that offers exceptional performance, reliability, and precision. For avid firearm enthusiasts, having the right trigger can make all the difference. This trigger is designed for AR-15 rifles and is known for its smooth and consistent pull. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your AR-15 rifle, the Alamo 15 trigger might be the perfect solution.

Alamo  trigger

The Alamo  Trigger is a drop-in trigger system designed to fit most AR-15 rifles. It is manufactured by the Alamo Four Star LLC, a reputable company in the firearms industry. The trigger system is designed to provide a smoother, lighter, and more precise trigger pull than the standard AR-15 trigger. It is made from high-quality materials and is easy to install.

Is the Alamo 15  trigger a forced reset trigger?

forced reset trigger (or “hard reset” trigger) is a device that allows a person to fire a semi-automatic firearm at an increased rate. The forced reset trigger works by mechanically resetting the trigger’s position after a shot is fired. This allows for an increased rate of fire. However, the shooter must still manually pull the triggers each time it resets for any subsequent shot to be fired.

Alamo 15 Trigger

The Alamo 15  triggers is a forced reset triggerIt’s designed for use in AR15s chambered in .223/5.56, but can also work with a 7.62×39 upper. The trigger has two safety options: SAFE and FIRE, and it comes with anti walking pins.

Alamo 15 trigger for sale

This is NOT an NFA item, and can be purchased without any special license. It does not make your AR-15 fully automatic or a machine gun under the NFA. Don’t miss out on this gem.

Alamo 15 Trigger Overview: High-Performance for AR Platform .223/5.56

If you’re in search of a top-notch trigger for your AR platform chambered in .223/5.56, look no further than the Alamo 15 Triggers. Crafted by Thomas Allen Graves, the original designer and patent-holder of the positive displacement reset trigger, this trigger boasts over 40 years of research and development.

Alamo 15 for sale

Designed with durability and reliability in mind. The ALAMO-15 features the patented Graves Roller Technology which improves reliability, eliminates wear and tear, and provides an unbeatable shooting experience. The ALAMO-15 will stand out as the market leader in the trigger category.

Key Features of Alamo 15 Triggers:

1. Precision Design: Specifically engineered for AR platforms chambered in .223/5.56.

2. Proven Performance: Powered by Graves, the Alamo 15 Triggers is a testament to over four decades of innovation and development.

3. Smooth Pull, Crisp Break: Enhance your rifle’s accuracy with a smooth pull and crisp break, making it ideal for hunting, target shooting, and tactical situations.

4. Adjustable Pull Weight: Customize your shooting experience with an adjustable trigger pull weight, catering to both light and heavy preferences.

5. Anti-Walk Pin Design: Eliminates common triggers and hammer pin walking issues, providing enhanced reliability.

6. Easy Installation: As a drop-in triggers, the Alamo 15 is easy to install without special tools, making it accessible for both new firearm enthusiasts and those seeking a hassle-free upgrade.

7. Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials, this trigger is built to withstand heavy use, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Technical Specifications:

– Model: ALAMO-15.
– Action: Single.
– Caliber: .223/5.56 (Other calibers may require tuning).
– Platform: AR-15 Pistol or Rifle.
– Weight: 2.95 oz.
– Material: Aluminum/Steel.
– Minimum Requirements: M16 Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) H-2 or Heavier Buffer Mil-Spec Lower.

Alamo 15 in stock

Purchase Information:

– Not an NFA item – no special license required.
– Does not convert your AR-15 to fully automatic or a machine gun under the NFA.

Package Contents:

– Powered by Graves ALAMO-15 Positive Displacement Triggers.
– Hardware Included.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your rifle with the precision and reliability of the Alamo Trigger.

Alamo 15

32 reviews for Alamo 15 trigger

  1. Timothy

    The good is, it is not a bad install and once installed it does work.

  2. Dave

    This is a very robust and well made item. Dropped right in like it should. So far no complaints.

  3. Adamn

    Ordered on the Apr 6th, finally got it today (12th) thanks to stupid ups. Anyway, get one, its awwsom!!! Seriously, smooth as silk, much better than any binary.

  4. sanchez

    Easy drop-in and comes with anti-walk pins. Probably will be banned though cause that new A F T…lol.

  5. sanzo

    Item as described and fast shipping! Excellent communication! Would buy from this seller again

  6. Preacher,

    Runs smooth and a lot of fun to use. A select to shoot would be a nice addition though. You might not always want full engagement. Highly recommend if this is something you’re considering.

  7. carolina

    Best of the lot – must have is a Odin 9mm adjustable buffer and a kitchen scale

  8. GeeBee

    Functions flawlessly in my 7.5 556 with a flat wire spring and h2 or h3 buffer…doesnt like 223 wolf and tulammo much only brass on my set up and i run 556 ammo if you want it to be reliable then step back and experience the best trigger ive seen they hit it out the park on this one price is high but its machined well def recommend if u can even still buy um.

  9. Craig

    I ordered 2, Never had a problem with any of them. Fast shipping. Item arrived sooner than expected

  10. Kermit

    The trigger itself is amazing nevertheless and I will be buying another one

  11. Hill

    This trigger is awesome.. i shot the Franklin binary trigger. But this alamo trigger blows the Franklin out of the water in my opinion.

  12. Billy,

    Reading reviews prior to purchase and I almost stayed away from it but I’m 100% glad I didn’t. The install was not hard at all and I’m not that mechanically inclined or the brightest bulb but It’s relatively simple if you familiarize yourself with the parts diagram and follow the instructions.

  13. OSOK

    Once figured out with correct buffer, works like a dream and puts down a mag in seconds. Highly recommend to friends looking at this trigger as an option.

  14. Joe RE

    Installation was a lil bit easier since i had some practice from installing the first one, which again wasnt all that bad as long as you follow the instructions and have a lil patience and take your time.

  15. Gillette

    This is my 2nd trigger and its just as much fun as the first.

  16. zach

    This time it actually came with the set screw for the selector paddle! Just wish the ammo to feed these pigs was cheaper so i could spend more time blowing holes in stuff while dumping mags. Hahaha!

  17. michael

    The trigger itself is amazing nevertheless and I will be buying another one.

  18. huston

    I’ll be buying all my gun accessories from Guns for sale. They have good customer service especially Arthur.

  19. Nguyen

    This is the best trigger on the market I put it in my shorty with a carbine spring and h2 buffer and she just ran super fast awsome product. I had no issues at all not one malfunction better than rare breed.

  20. Davis

    My first time doing any kind of work on my AR. Pretty easy after watching the video and reading the instructions.

  21. Biff

    The sale price makes it tempting to get another one. Definitely recommend it

  22. Vince

    Easy to install works OK some getting used to but once you get used to how it works it works good

  23. Jonathan

    The trigger has not let me down 1000 rounds later. What I like about the trigger is the paddle right above the trigger

  24. Ablert

    After getting this in the mail on the other day, I quickly had it mounted

  25. Jeff

    I’ve bought more expensive triggers and thought I would try this before they take them away from us too. I highly recommend assembling it watching a u tube video as the instructions can be a little overwhelming and hard to see what you need to as a greenhorn builder.

  26. luster

    Great price. Great product with excellent warranty

  27. Brent

    This arrived within only a couple of days and everyone was so polite and helpful. i can’t believe there’s still companies like gunsforsale

  28. TomOH

    Shot about a hundred rounds through it and it worked as advertised.

  29. Twombly

    its awwsom!!! Seriously, smooth as silk, much better than any binary.

  30. John

    Get ready to spend a lot on ammo because its that fun!!!!! Just put it on alamo and let it rip you can mow some stuff down!!!

  31. Kirwan,

    I have a AR 10mm and was unsure which trigger was compatible with my lower receiver. I received great technical support, via web chat

  32. RParis

    Works just as you hope. Have already used for several hundred rounds

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