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Beretta 92A1 F 9mm Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol 4.9″ Threaded Barrel 17-Round

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Beretta 92a1

Beretta 92a1 The “A1” class is a specialized tactical branch of the most tested and trusted military and personal defense weapon in history: the 92FS. Beretta started with the super-reliable 92, keeping the engineering characteristics that make it so accurate, safe and dependable; then, added some features prized by today’s most demanding tactical shooters as well as by those wanting the absolute best for home defense or personal protection. The result is the 92A1, a pistol that is as reliable for its intended use as it is safe and user-friendly even for the novice.

Beretta 92a1

The most noticeable difference between the classic 92FS and the 92A1 is that this comes with an integral Picatinny rail situated in front of the trigger guard. The rail makes it easy to attach a variety of tactical accessories, including lighting systems and laser aiming devices. Also, the 92A1 has a removable front sight, meaning that you can exchange it in a matter of minutes without any gun smiting or alteration to the pistol. Maintenance is easy thanks to the tool-free disassembly latch as well as the captive recoil-spring unit.

Another feature that will impress you about the 92A1 is the type of magazine it comes with. This pistol comes with magazines designed to deliver remarkable firepower out of the box while being absolutely durable and corrosion resistant. Furthermore, the magazines on the 92A1 feature a “dirt rail” along their length, which helps collect dust and grit out of the magazine while keeping cartridges clear of the magazine walls. The result enhanced feeding reliability and super-easy magazine maintenance.

The base design of the 92A1 is the 92FS or M9, the pistol that has served the US military admirably throughout its campaigns in the world’s toughest environments.

But even in this respect, Beretta never rests on its laurels. This pistol incorporates an innovative internal frame buffer that greatly reduces component stress under firing (yes, even with hot P ammo), making it even more durable and smooth-shooting. The best of both worlds, the 92A1 offers discriminating shooters the classic overall look and feel of the 92 (including the more traditional rounded trigger-guard) with today’s most advanced tactical features.



  • Ambidextrous safety.
  • Open slide design.
  • 3-dot fixed sights.
  • Picatinny rail.
  • Disassembly latch.
  • Reversible magazine release.

8 reviews for Beretta 92A1 F 9mm Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol 4.9″ Threaded Barrel 17-Round

  1. Cara

    Beretta PX-4 Sub-Compact 9×19. This short, but slightly chunky pistol is fantastic. I carried a M9 for 20 plus years, so I have lot of times and rounds with Beretta. I was drawn to the PX-4 because of the Beretta name, the capacity 13+1, and quite frankly the styling(kind of funky, but I like it.) At the range no failures to feed/fire. Recoil is very manageable(thanks to the slight “chunkiness”) and the pistol settles back quickly for a follow up shot. I had a little learning curve with this pistol. For me, it likes the front site blade covering the target, I swapped to the larger back strap, and I did better if I used more of my trigger finger(as compared to just the pad.) Sub-Compacts will amplify your mistakes, but once you get the feel of the pistol it is combat accurate. Take down is easy, and it cleans up very nicely after a range session. The “drop down” magazine base plate(supplied on one magazine) is a nice feature for those of us with larger hands. Bottom line. Accurate, reliable, 13+1 9×19, easy shooting, easy to take down and clean, great machining and finish, and the typical Beretta action as smooth as butter( feels like the slide rides on ball bearings few manufacturers have this feel. ) There is a reason Beretta has been around for 500+ years….Highly recommend this pistol!

  2. Washington J

    Another great gun from Beretta, I’ve had it a little over a month now, (I like to test guns out before I write a review.) I’ve shot the heck outta this gun with zero problems, keep in mind, this gun has a 3″ barrel so it’s not going to have the range of a full size gun, it will shoot low outside of 30 feet (10 yards) but I expected that, long story short, you can’t go wrong with this gun, and gunsforsale.tech was awesome as always…

  3. Karl

    They are actively adding new features and filters though so I suspect this will be addressed soon!

    Prices range from amazing to okay, all of them are well worth a look and are often a good bit lower than what you’ll find on other sites. gunsforsale.tech has quickly become one of the sites that I weekly check for good deals on old rifles.

  4. Dwane

    I really like the Beretta sub compact 9mm great gun

  5. Morgan

    This little guy with the rotating barrel was a great gun to shoot. The bore and balance was just perfect for me. I got rid of it because it just felt a little fat. I really regret it and I want it back!

  6. Jane

    love shooting this gun another great product from beretta. gunsforsale.tech was just as promised. Fast service great value.

  7. Carter

    Beretta is the best. I’ve had this one for almost two years with no malfunctions. I purchased the kit to convert the safety/decocker to decocker only. This is my nightstand firearm (in a quick access safe) with a laser/light attachment. Does not have the same operating mechanism as its two bigger brothers, but supper accurate for its size. I also use the extended magazines with the plastic sleeves to get several more rounds.

  8. Houston k

    Pistol came in perfect condition with two 13 round magazines. Love the feel in my hand and that one of the mags has the built in pinky extension. Some may say it is too wide or bulky to carry concealed, I disagree as the gun fills the hand and frankly is easier to shoot than something like a Kel Tec PF9. If you fired one of those you know the recoil is pretty much felt throughout the hand. I prefer this as it has the external hammer along with the decocker. In all I really enjoy this pistol, fit and finish is top notch. Gunsforsale.tech was great as usual.

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