Drop-in Trigger For G43 Black

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Agency Arms Drop-in Flat Trigger, For Glock 43, Black Finish, Includes Connector Dit-43-b

Model: Flat
Product Type: Trigger
Finish/Color: Black
Description: For Glock 43



It would be beneficial to categorize handgun cartridges into two sub-pages,(Buy Gun Trigger Parts for Glock-Buy Glock Gun Parts-Buy Gun Kits) one for revolver cartridges and one for semi-automatic cartridges. Perhaps three sub-pages, an additional sub-page for cartridges that are used in both categories. There would be some cartridges listed more than once, but it would be of benefit to compare apples to apples. I don’t see much benefit of comparing a revolver cartridge to a semi-automatic cartridge. Totally different animals. We don’t put rifle cartridges on this page for a reason.



magazine is an ammunition storage and feeding device within or attached to a repeating firearm. Magazines can be removable (detachable) or integral (internal/fixed) to the firearm. The magazine functions by moving the cartridges stored within it into a position where they may be loaded into the barrel chamber by the action of the firearm. The detachable magazine is often colloquially referred to as a clip, although this is technically inaccurate.123

Magazines come in many shapes and sizes, from tubular magazines on lever-action rifles that hold only a few rounds,[not in citation given] to detachable box and drum magazines for automatic rifles and machine guns that can hold more than one hundred rounds. Various jurisdictions ban what they define as “high-capacity magazines“.

With the increased use of semi-automatic and automatic firearms, the detachable magazine became increasingly common. Soon after the adoption of the M1911 pistol, the term “magazine” was settled on by the military and firearms experts, though the term “clip” is often used in its place (though only for detachable magazines, never fixed).456 The defining difference between clips and magazines is the presence of a feed mechanism in a magazine, typically a spring-loaded follower, which a clip lacks. A magazine has four parts as follows; a spring, a spring follower, a body and a base. A clip is made of one continuous piece of stamped metal and has no moving parts. Use of the term “clip” to refer to detachable magazines is a point of strong disagreement

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