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Harris bipod


S-BR2-PQD Bipod

Harris bipod

A Harris bipod is a high-quality, lightweight bipod that is popular with hunters, target shooters, and law enforcement officers. It is known for its rugged construction, smooth operation, and wide range of adjustment.

Harris bipods are made from high-quality materials, including aluminum and steel. They are anodized to prevent corrosion and wear. The legs are spring-loaded and can be extended from 6 to 9 inches. The feet can be swapped out for different surfaces, such as concrete, dirt, or snow.

Harris bipods are very easy to use. They can be attached to a rifle’s sling swivel stud or to a Picatinny rail. The legs can be extended or retracted with a simple lever. The feet can be adjusted to provide a stable platform on uneven ground.

Harris bipod for sale

Harris bipods are a great choice for shooters who want a reliable and versatile bipod. They are perfect for hunting, target shooting, and law enforcement use.

Here are some of the features of a Harris bipod:

  • Rugged construction
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth operation
  • Wide range of adjustment
  • Anodized to prevent corrosion and wear
  • Spring-loaded legs
  • Interchangeable feet
  • Easy to use

Here are some of the benefits of using a Harris bipod:

  • Improved accuracy: A bipod can help to steady your rifle and improve your accuracy.
  • Increased stability: A bipod can help to stabilize your rifle on uneven ground.
  • Reduced fatigue: A bipod can help to reduce fatigue by taking some of the weight of the rifle off of your arms.
  • Improved ergonomics: A bipod can help to improve the ergonomics of your rifle by allowing you to shoot from a more comfortable position.

The Harris Bipod is a popular and widely recognized brand of bipods designed to provide stability and support for rifles. Here is some information about Harris Bipods: Design and Construction: Harris Bipods are typically made from high-quality materials such as aluminum and steel, ensuring durability and strength. They feature adjustable legs that can extend and retract, allowing users to adapt to different shooting positions and terrains. Attachment and Compatibility: Harris Bipods usually attach to the rifle’s sling swivel stud or a Picatinny rail using a mount adapter. They come in various models and sizes to accommodate different rifles and shooting setups. Adjustability: Harris Bipods offer adjustable leg length to provide stable shooting positions on uneven ground or when shooting from different heights. Some models also include a swivel feature that allows for horizontal rotation, enhancing flexibility and target acquisition. Quick Deployment: One of the key features of Harris Bipods is their quick deployment capability. They can be easily and swiftly attached to the rifle, making them convenient for shooters who need rapid setup in the field.


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