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45 ACP Ammo by Blazer Brass – 230gr FMJ


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CCI’s Blazer Brass line is here to keep you from running out of both money and ammo. This .45 Auto load uses a 230 grain bullet and produces a muzzle velocity of 845 feet per second, typical for the cartridge. Each box contains 50 rounds with Boxer primers. Unlike standard Blazer ammunition, Blazer Brass uses reloadable brass casings.

The method used to create Blazer Brass’s copper jacket comes with several particular advantages and disadvantages. The plating covers the base of the bullet, reducing lead exposure risk. It also reduces production costs, allowing CCI to pass savings on to its customers. However, the plating makes Blazer Brass ammo unsuitable for use in guns with ported barrels, generally those meant for competition use.

Cascade Cartridges, Inc., or CCI, is a renowned maker of high-end rimfire ammunition and economy centerfire pistol rounds. The company is located in Lewiston, Idaho, close to sister company Speer. Currently divisions of Alliant Techsystems, both companies were founded by brothers from the Speer family and continue to work closely together in developing new products.


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