45 ACP Ammo by Federal – 165gr Hydra-Shok JHP – Low Recoil


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Need a lighter recoil profile for faster follow-up shots or better control on your personal defense 45 ACP firearm? These Federal Premium rounds in the Hydra Shok lineup are a great choice, with a moderately sized projectile and a history of fantastic stopping power. This is a 165 grain Hydra Shok projectile with a slightly reduced powder load and reduced recoil in a .45 Auto loadout. The ballistic performance is still adequate for stopping a threat in a personal defense scenario.

The reduced muzzle flash coming via the reduced powder charge is helpful in lower light situations too, for a fast follow-up and less distraction for the shooter. The very manageable recoil is unlike any other .45ACP on the market. Speed is good with a 1060 feet per second velocity and the energy transfer is more than adequate; it delivers 412 ft. lbs. of energy at the muzzle. The penetration is generally acceptable at around 12 inches in ballistic gelatin, which is pretty decent considering the speed and diameter of the projectile.

The nickel plated brass case with a Boxer primer makes this load easily reloadable and the price per round, while firmly placed within the premium category is not at the top end of the pricing spectrum for the caliber.


50 rounds, 500 rounds, 1000 rounds


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