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Tommy Trigger EZ AK

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Tommy Trigger

Tommy Trigger After more than two decades of research and development, Tommy Triggers is proud to introducing our latest trigger innovation with the world’s first fully customizable, drop-in performance trigger for AK pattern firearms, holding the distinction of being one of the most sophisticated AK triggers to date.

The AK EZ Sleeve Trigger is meticulously engineered to fit ANY AK receiver in today’s market. It leverages its unique Patent Pending Eccentric hammer pin design, allowing the pin to be adjusted to the correct position for the specific AK model in use. Moreover, this trigger features an adjustable take-up and pull weight, ensuring a totally customizable user experience. This allows for simple ease of use while delivering unparalleled performance and unmatched consistency.

Tommy Trigger

As one of the most refined AK triggers available, the LFR AK EZ Sleeve Trigger exemplifies commitment to quality. Proudly made in the USA, it avoids common manufacturing pitfalls by being 100% machined. Unlike Metal Injection Molded (MIM) or Cast metal parts, which can contain voids from the process, every part of this trigger benefits from the precision of CNC machining. The introduction of this latest trigger underscores Tommy Trigger’s unwavering commitment and dedication to pushing the boundaries of trigger design and manufacturing.

Choose the AK EZ Sleeve Trigger by Tommy Triggers today to experience a real difference in precision, consistency, and reliability; all while supporting hard working Americans who are committed to helping you Let Freedom Ring!



WARNING: Any modification to a firearm should be done by a professional gunsmith. 

Note: Instruction only apply once old trigger have been safely removed from firearm. AND what ever you do… DO NOT grind or cut on anything!


1-Remove trigger from packaging and drop into trigger pocket of receiver with the trigger shoe facing the proper direction.

2-install the safety selector or safety bar back into the receiver but do not tighten down leave in fire position.

3- Install the rear trigger pin into the side of the receiver.

4- install the front trigger pin by clocking the ‘EZ sleeve” (7) into position using a T30 torx head and then sliding the front trigger pin into the side of the receiver. Once completed tighten down the “EZ sleeve” set screw (5) in the trigger housing to lock it in position.

5- MOST IMPORTANT! …Tighten down the 2 housing screws (3) located in the base of the trigger; secure these screws with a thread locker or additional thread screws OR they will work loose over time. These screws provide forward and up pressures and are key to the performance of the Tommy Trigger.

6-Adjust screw on back of trigger so that it properly connects to the firearm safety bare, This should be tested multiple times before live fire to insure proper adjustment and proper installation.

1- To test performance of trigger the firearm must be completely assembled properly per manufacturer specs.


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